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The biggest cost in wrapping pallets for distribution

When there are tough economic pressures on businesses, we often focus on a reduction of costs within the supply chain. It goes without saying that profitability is crucial to business survival, but what may not be so obvious, is where those costs are, & what should be removed.

Date posted Mon 05 October 2020by Jessie-May Begg in Blog

Paper Tape Offer

Don't say we don't treat you... make sure you read our T's and C's

Date posted Mon 21 September 2020by Jessie-May Begg in Blog

3 Ways to Improve the Environmental Impact of your Packaging

We are all interested in how we can be more environmentally conscious about our packaging, whether it is to use no plastics or less plastics or whether your packaging fits your product.

Here are 3 quick ways that you can improve the environmental impact of your packaging.

Date posted Fri 15 May 2020by Robert McEwan in Blog

MorsaWrap S1 with flower trolley system

This morning we have installed our new MorsaWrap pallet wrapping machine with a Trolley System into a Nursery in the North West. 

Date posted Mon 01 April 2019by Robert McEwan in Blog

Paper Price Increases Again

Stability from August 2014 until just over 15 months ago then bang!……

In September 16, it was 5.5%,
April 17, it was 10%,
Then August 17 it was 7% and now we have been told another by the end of January which could be another 10%.

Date posted Mon 08 January 2018by Robert McEwan in Blog

Is Paying A Price Per Pallet Wrapped An Effective Option For Industry?

Paying a price per pallet wrapped is an option for industry which means they pay a fixed price for every pallet they wrap. This may seem to be an appealing and cost effective way to manage their pallet wrapping costs but how cost effective is this compared to other options?

Date posted Fri 20 May 2016by Robert McEwan in Blog

Is Your Packaging Really Fit For Purpose?

Why is it that companies “claim” to be committed to reducing both packaging waste and weights and “claim” to be environmentally friendly yet use twice as much because the new packaging specification isn’t fit for purpose?

I know that this is a bit of a controversial point but it’s one that I believe needs discussion and debate.

Let me explain…..

Date posted Mon 11 April 2016by Robert McEwan in Blog

NANO TECHNOLOGY IN PACKAGING – How can NANO TECHNOLOGY benefit Transport & Logistics Companies?

What is Nano and how will it benefit packaging....

Date posted Fri 05 February 2016by Robert McEwan in Blog

Is thinner pallet wrap film always cheaper?

Perhaps the question of thickness of pallet wrap film isn’t at the forefront of everyone’s mind but, to the under pressure manager responsible for warehouse productivity and profitability and the shipment of goods it should be.

Date posted Mon 18 January 2016by Robert McEwan in Blog

How can I benchmark my suppliers of pallet wrap film?

Many companies find this question hard to answer. They struggle to come up with ways to make sure that they are getting the best solution for their pallet wrapping at the most competitive price when comparing different suppliers of pallet wrap films.

Date posted Thu 17 December 2015by Robert McEwan in Blog


Yes, correct, we can supply bespoke pallet wrap machines
By Robert McEwan on Mon 26 October 2020
We have installed this unique pallet wrapping machine at the request from a customer that was struggling to find a supplier to meet their demands
By Jessie-May Begg on Mon 05 October 2020
Often the focus is on price; how much do I pay per XXX?... When the big question should be per what?
Paper Tape Offer
By Jessie-May Begg on Mon 21 September 2020
Money off your first order of paper tape!
30% Plastic Tax
By Jessie-May Begg on Mon 21 September 2020
How will the 30% tax on plastics affect you?
Webinar Series
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