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End of an era..... and a new beginning

Date posted Tue 17 September 2019by Robert McEwan in News

Increased Capacity on Carton production

Did you know that Jemac Packaging manufactured their own corrugated cartons? Well, if you didn't I am sorry because we should have told you! However if you have got this far you now know that we do.

Date posted Fri 17 August 2018by Robert McEwan in News

Plastic Recycling Targets

Date posted Tue 12 June 2018by Robert McEwan in News

Paper Price Increases Again

Stability from August 2014 until just over 15 months ago then bang!......

In September 16, it was 5.5%,
April 17, it was 10%,
Then August 17 it was 7% and now we have been told another by the end of January which could be another 10%.

This will affect most paper products including kraft paper, edgeboards and of course corrugated rolls, sheets and boxes.

Date posted Fri 12 January 2018by Robert McEwan in News

Corrugated board price increases

Companies using paper packaging can’t fail to have noticed that prices continue to rise.

This year has seen unprecedented increases in the price of corrugated board and other paper-based products.  The impact of this is being felt in all industries.  We’re exploring every way we can to minimise this impact through improvements in our own operation.              

Date posted Wed 15 November 2017by Robert McEwan in News

MorsaWrap – IMHX Success

Jemac launched their new brand of pallet wrapping films at the IMHX show in Birmingham in 2016. View their show video by clicking and you can also take a look at the website


Date posted Wed 07 June 2017by Robert McEwan in News

Packaging Vastly Under-Estimated as a Marketing Tool

Date posted Thu 22 December 2016by Robert McEwan in News

Drop in 2016 Recycling Rates for England.

Date posted Mon 19 December 2016by Robert McEwan in News

New European Circular Economy Packaging Initiative Launched

Date posted Thu 15 December 2016by Robert McEwan in News

How the Packaging Market Is Coping With Brexit Uncertainties

Date posted Tue 13 December 2016by Robert McEwan in News